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Web development
IQ Media Project
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Web development

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We listen to you carefully. Our professional team understands that the design comes after the function and the best way to build a website is to discover all the requested objectives before creating any design. The IQ MEDIA PROJECT artistic team meets our customers face-to-face to discuss their goals, graphical functionalities and preferences, both from the point of view of the design and their business needs. Armed with these detailed information, our team creates templates and solutions that best reflect the customer's needs and expectations.

Web development

The IQ solutions for contain management allow the non-technical personnel to administrate the news, portfolio or products sections. In other words, we offer the solution for a permanent updated website.

The web development department creates all the processes behind the user's interface. In fact, that's the one making all the functions and processes alive. IQ MEDIA PROJECT develops websites that load quickly and work efficiently on most platforms and browsers. A web development team's experience is crucial for creating the applications to meet a company's needs. For selling online or integrating information exchange systems, one has to be familiar with several programming languages and platforms. IQ MEDIA PROJECT developing team fulfills all these conditions and that's a guarantee for the efficiency of our solutions.


  • Integration - a well-built site also with an attractive design; more than a "pretty site", the IQ solutions offer the best combination of the two conditions to accomplish your business objectives;
  • Functionality - whether your solution needs are for an interactive interface, contain management functions, complex forms or database applications, the IQ solutions provide the backbone of your website.