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Whatever a company’s activity might be, it is impossible to ignore the millions of people accessing the Internet everyday. They are your potential customers! In order to join this community and show you are interested in offering them your products and services, you need to be online for these people! And take care…competition is out there, too!


Which is the basic business information? What is your working schedule? What do you offer? How can you be contacted? What payment methods do you agree with? If you can keep your customers permanently informed about all the reasons why they should do business with you, we are sure you will increase your business rate. Thus we are offering you a solution: be online with a website which represents you!

The websites created by IQ MEDIA PROJECT, whichever you choose, are treated with maximum attention and professionalism. The development follows the latest and the most exigent technical standards for XHTML, CSS, DHTML, PHP, MySQL, Flash and others. Moreover, the optimization techniques used by our team will make your website to be easily found by the major search engines on the Internet. Our consultants are at your disposal anytime for these matters!

IQ BASIC (static)
Presentation website, 5-10 pages in XHTML. It is ideal for organizations that want to open a new communication channel with their clients or potential clients. In general, using this pack you can present your company, services, products (in a simple presentation), clients and many more.
Advantage: low costs
Disadvantage: requires high costs for future changes or updates.

IQ DYNAMIC (dynamic)
Dynamic presentation website, 10-25 pages, based on PHP technology. Due to this pack, you can present your products, services and all the other information about your business in detail. This pack is recommended to a company that wishes to have a strong presence on the Internet and offers its customers more advantages through the website.
Advantages: low costs for future changes, flexible development.

IQ WORLD (dynamic, multilingual)
Dynamic, multilingual website, 25-50 pages, based on PHP technology. This pack is recommended to the companies that have international customers and want to have a strong presence on the Internet.
Advantages: low costs for following changes, flexible development, easy to add and modify the language versions.

IQ DATABASE (dynamic, database)
Dynamic website, in several versions (if necessary), with a MySQL database. This pack is recommended to the companies promoting a wide range of products; in this case, the database will eliminate the necessity of creating a special page for each product.
Advantages: low costs for future changes, flexible development, easy to add and modify the website versions, as well as for new products.

IQ ELITE (Internet/Intranet applications)
This pack is about the complex projects needing advanced web development (PHP and MySQL). We include here websites which need the implementation of an online store or other specific software.