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IQ Media Project
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IQ MEDIA PROJECT can develop multimedia creations, on CD-ROM or DVD-ROM, to bring you the most complex communication experience in selling or marketing messages of your company.


Our design and development team builds the multimedia project around the message you want to submit. On one hand, if you have certain ideas and needs, we welcome your suggestions related to image types or design models. On the other hand, our team will closely work with you to create and chose the most appropriate solution. We are very proud to be, first of all, your advisors and we recognize that understanding the client's expectations and business is the way to success.

The multimedia applications include:

  • sales demo kit - add to your sales presentation a multimedia creation to underline the benefits of your products and company with an attractive design and suggestive sounds
  • training - interactive multimedia projects are the most economic way to train your personnel. The manuals or working methods allow your employees to study virtually from anywhere and anytime. These pieces of work have the advantages of the tutorials and internal menus
  • advertising - send your prospects a dedicated multimedia creation to develop their curiosity and submit them a rich message. Multimedia support may vary in shape and dimensions to increase the interaction probability


  • multimedia creations directly submit your company's sales and marketing messages using strong audio and visual stimuli
  • lower cost than classic personnel training
  • multimedia projects help to better identify your company as a creative and dynamic one.