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Intranet development
IQ Media Project
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Intranet development

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IQ MEDIA PROJECT approaches a consultative position in defining and understanding our customers' needs and expectations, the rules that make their business, the information and technologic infrastructure. We know that every organization is unique in its way of doing business; thus we pay attention to any aspects of any entity. We evaluate the actual processes by interviewing the employees, by observation, equipment inventory and we analyze the development of a strategy to improve the company's systems.


IQ MEDIA PROJECT creates personalized applications for your organization's business environment, applications that might be adapted to your future activities' growth or diversification. Our design and development team will produce these solutions to perfectly integrate into your company's brand and strategy. Moreover, we offer maintenance packs for these solutions in order to make the changes according to your needs and technology "on the run".

One of the greatest advantages of the Intranet technology is the appearance of the applications which cut down the coordination costs. The Intranet runs on a web browser base and offers your employees a single access point to internal information. That means tiny searching times and dynamically information update.

An Intranet works like a huge coordination base, which links your organization departments, processes and functions. The most significant features of an Intranet are focused on the main processes and functional areas in the company, such as:

  • maintains a single information source in your company, highly protected for different access levels;
  • schedules meetings and offers access to events calendar for all employees;
  • offers access to certain information for people you authorize only;
  • offers the possibility to debate problems through electronic forums;
  • creates and offers access rights to information in databases;
  • administrates and submits tasks, elements or delivery projects;
  • can obtain feedbacks and take polls among the employees;
  • creates and administrates standard directories for all your employees, customers and suppliers


  • collaboration in your company becomes faster and more efficient;
  • accurate and actual customers-related information files;
  • lower expenses for paper, printing and distribution.