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Company identity
IQ Media Project
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Company identity

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Today people are assaulted every minute and from everywhere by product and services providers. For your business this means competition and it's crucial that the prospective customer chooses your offer from all the others. The first and the most effective thing to do is for your company's image and products to be recognized at a glance. In other words, your company must have its own, solid and coherent visual identity. And this is what IQ Media Project's creation department does best!
If you have just started a new business or you have never considered an investment in your company's image till now, IQ Media Project can provide you with a visual identity that will get you out of the crowd.

Another vision

What can we actually do for you? It's simple: EVERYTHING that is related to your company's image! From creating personalized logos and slogans representing your business, inserting them into promotional items (such as business cards, headers, envelopes) or presentations (brochures, catalogs), up to creating and developing multimedia products. We won't forget about putting your business on the Internet either, since it is the most important information medium nowadays. Our team can develop for you professional websites and "ready-to-use" e-commerce solutions. And all these having one identity, both graphical and content. Thus your company's image will be a coherent and solidly perceived one.

If you already have several or even all the elements above, but your company and business are not properly perceived, the IQ Media Project creation team can bring them a new breath. After a detailed analysis over your services' or products' values and messages, we can re-create your company's image, so that it be better perceived by your prospects and business partners.