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Hardware & Networking
IQ Media Project
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Hardware & Networking

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Maybe your company has not the internal resources and enough experience for a complex technical initiative. IQ MEDIA PROJECT, by its networking department, can help your business to better integrate information and systems in the organization. And - the most important thing - all these take place without disturbing or interrupting your business workflow. We prefer to adopt a consulting position, by pinpointing the requested needs. But, if necessary, we do not hesitate to implement the optimal solutions in order to improve the information flow in your company.


IQ MEDIA PROJECT offers the following networking services:

  • Identify the needs - after studying your business processes and technological infrastructures, we can accurately identify the solutions you need;
  • Hardware and software recommendations - after evaluating the existent system and budget, we can offer you optimal solutions for the hardware and software needs in your company
  • Implementation - for systems and networks configuration, a detailed analysis is requested. Our networking engineers, database architects and information management specialists' team is dealing with that meanwhile you can totally focus on other business operations.


  • Information security - integrated part of the network, backup and data storage systems, antivirus protection and firewalls, this part keeps your company's vital data in safe place, intact and accessible. Moreover, we can develop internal access and control politics to ensure better security for your operations
  • Increase the efficiency and productivity - your organization's operations and applications will fluently function as long as the hardware part works properly
  • Sales growth - extending to maximum your internal applications' working capacities, your sales team efficiency will grow... while the selling times will get shorter!