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About us
IQ Media Project
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About us

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The history of this company started when a computer programmer met a network engineer and a marketing specialist. The three of them decided to put together their knowledge and experience in order to offer professional solutions for communication and information management in an organization. This young team focused from the very beginning on developing Intranet and Internet applications, working with or without database support. Later, while enlarging the team, we began to develop software to run on workstations as well as in Intranet or Internet. Right now we encourage our clients to migrate their business on the web.

About us

In this moment there are three main developing directions for IQ MEDIA PROJECT. These are convergent in order to offer "ready-to-use" solutions, as complex as a company's problems might request. The three developing directions are:

  • Software - IQ MEDIA PROJECT is one of the most active promoters of the open-source-based applications. Thus our consultants can offer professional solutions which need no additional costs for third-party software licenses. More over, we offer professional software solutions running on different operation systems, like all Windows or Linux platforms;
  • Hardware - Making your networks more efficient is another item we focus on. The fluent and safe circulation of information in and out of a company is crucial for growing your business. That's why our team is specialized in developing networks and in installing and configuration of servers, both on Windows and Linux platforms;
  • Marketing - Whether we like it or not, the image is the one making the product to be sold nowadays. Therefore it has to communicate the most appropriate message for the chosen target. Creating and optimizing this image is what our specialists do best. Whether you need to open a new communication channel for your customers, you want to expand your business into e-commerce area or simply make your message more penetrating, we have the right solution!